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Whilst selecting the right IT strategy is a fundamental part of business planning. properly planned implementation is the key to its success.  This is particularly true for small businesses, which face competing demands on resources. Failure to implement an IT strategy correctly will result in a system which may severely under-perform, and in a situation which is difficult to rectify.  However, it is important to ensure that valuable time and resources spent on IT implementation does not lead to under-performance elsewhere in the business.

Implementation of an IT strategy should be planned in stages.  What are the critical issues? Which components are dependent on others?  How long will it take to get up and running? How steep is the learning curve? If implementing from scratch these are among the key questions to be answered.  Most small businesses have some elements of an IT strategy already in place, and implementation issues may range from simple installation of new system components, to a major upheaval of working practices. In each case it is important to plan for a successful installation if business interruption is to be avoided.

Major changes, such as installation of a new server, provide the opportunity to further protect or enhance the system, for example by  ensuring there is adequate cover for power outages from interruptible power supplies (UPS), more sophisticated system security, virtual private networks (VPN) etc.  These are the ideal times to rethink business practices to take advantage of new IT capabilities. Consequently it pays to plan installation carefully.  Thought should be given to the ease with which new users can be added, in terms of server setup,  cabling and other network infrastructure.

Workstation setup can be streamlined, using replication methods and/or remote server based applications. Installation of multi user applications, such as Sage Accounting software can be simplified by installing from the server rather than individually from each workstation.

We have been installing IT systems, including hardware, cabling, software and services for over 25 years.  The experience and technical expertise we have gained during this period have proved invaluable in helping our customers to install and implement IT systems, with minimal disruption to day to day business operations.

 If you need help with your IT installation please feel free to contact us.

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