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All businesses need to pay their employees. Effective Payroll Software allows businesses to pay employees with the minimum of effort, to correctly calculate gross and net pay, tax, national insurance, sick pay, maternity pay etc, and to comply with statutory obligations  automatically, leaving you time to concentrate on other areas of your business

As accredited Sage Business Partners, we recommend, supply, install, and provide training in Sage Payroll, the leading Payroll Software for small businesses. Sage Payroll provides you with much more than a basic payroll processing tool, enabling you not only to pay your employees accurately and on time, but also to manage your HR and employee records, link employee costs to project control, manage holiday entitlements and leave taken, prepare for audits, interact more efficiently with the Inland Revenue, comply with European Working Time Directive, track changes and much more.

You can set up and run Sage Payroll easily and quickly. The simple user interface and helpful wizards guide you through each payroll process, clearly and quickly.  Accredited by the Inland Revenue, Sage Payroll gives you peace of mind, and is easy-to-use, even without previous experience.  Sage Payroll helps you complete Year End returns accurately whilst complying with all relevant government legislation.

Advanced Internet Submissions and e-Banking includes advanced features to enable you to send and receive information from the Inland Revenue electronically. Plus, you can also instruct payments, such as wages or Inland Revenue payments, electronically with e-Banking historical data and audit information.

Essential features help you find and access information required for external sources, such as historical information for a tax audit or requests from the Benefits Agency.

You can quickly access information, print copies of reports and track when changes were made. The holiday-by-hours feature will enable you to manage your employee working hours more accurately to ensure compliance with the latest European Working Time Directive.

As accredited Sage Developers we can also provide additions and amendments to Sage Payroll to provide additional functionality specific to your business, including management of training records and qualifications and skillsets, and tools to enhance the database for use with human resource management.

If you could benefit from Sage Payroll software, or from our Development Services, please contact us.

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