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Computer security is an increasingly important issue that all computer users need to be aware of.  This is especially true of computers used for business.  We provide a range of products and services designed to give our customers the solution to their particular concerns. These include

Security Cages designed and made to enclose servers or workstations in a steel box that will resist the efforts of thieves to make off with your expensive hardware and valuable data.

Firewalls, Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware/Trojan Solutions to prevent unauthorised access to your data, a problem which is increasing in scale as more businesses use the internet for their day to day operations.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies to keep vital processes running during power outages.

Data Recovery Service to enable your data to be saved from a hard disk or tape that has failed or has been accidentally deleted.

Data Removal Service to ensure that all data is securely removed from old computers before disposal.  Few people realise that just erasing data with the ‘Delete’ button still leaves that data in an easily recoverable form.  Even hard disk drives that are totally blank as far as the operating system is concerned can contain data that was once written to them in a form that can be recovered with the right tools. Our Data Removal Service prevents the recovery of this data even by professionals.

Data Backup Systems, both local and remote, to give you the ability to restore lost data without using data recovery  and the ability to survive disaster situations.

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